Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This and That....

Oh the joys of trying to get back on schedule!!!! With the kids staying Monday and Tuesday with Kathy, then Alyssa going out to her grandpa's Thursday through Sunday, the kids are all out of wack! They are a mess! They had a great time at both places though so that's great! It just takes awhile to get back into the swing of things!
Alyssa has/had 5th disease also known as slapcheek. It's really no big deal (unless you are pregnant) except when it clears you end up with a rash all over. It's just lovely! The rash looks terrible but we are glad that this is all that it is. We were afraid it would an allergic reaction or something like that! The rash doesn't bother her either, it isn't itchy or anything like that, which is awesome!
I weighed Maizie at the doctor's office on Tuesday when we took Lyssi in for the rash...she weighs 12lbs 2oz!!!! This baby is just getting too big too fast! She's adorable though and we love her! She's still for the most part sleeping through the night, which rocks! Hopefully she will continue to do this for me!

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