Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello! Update on us!!!

So I thought it would be fun to start a blog to keep track of our daily adventures :)

Today Alyssa went to a Ressurection Party at my mother in law's church. She had a great time. They focused on connecting the true meaning of Easter with all the commercial aspects. She seemed to have a great time. Apparently she stayed right next to her teacher's side and kept looking to her for reassurance. She's such a sensitive little girl she really needs constant reassurance and praise. Jay and I were basket cases walking out of the church. This was the longest we've ever dropped her off someplace (3 hours) and left her with strangers!

Casten went on an adventure with Grandma. They went to the nursery to get a plant to put in Maizie's planter. There they were able to play with a train table (always more exciting to do that in public than actually play with the one at home!) and see some puppies and bunnies. He really had a great time and he was definately tired out by the time they got home!

Maizie went shopping with Mommy and Daddy for Easter goodies...she slept the entire time so she didn't get to peek at her gifts :)

It's been a pretty productive day so far!

As a general update on our family, I have started doing some homeschooling activities with the kids. We are loving it :) The more research I do the more into it I'm getting and the more I want to continue to homeschool the kids through elementary school. Jay doesn't think he likes the idea, but we are going to try for the next year and re-evaluate next spring when it's time to enroll Lyssi in kindergarten. We have the kids out and socializing with other children, they attend a storytime on Wednesdays when Jay's not working and they attend Sunday School. At least once a week we head to the mall to play in their play area and they almost always find a few kids to play with! Hopefully when we are more settled we will be able to enroll them in more activities.

Jay finds out in two weeks how he did and where he ranks with the Pipefitter's Union. Then we believe he finds out in the begining of April if he got in or not. We really would appreciate any prayers that this goes well for him. It would really give our family a huge boost and be great for our future!

The most exciting thing that has happened in the last few weeks is that Alyssa's mother has agreed to sign over her rights to Alyssa! I will now LEGALLY be her mother :) I'm just beyond thrilled!!! We are going to start the process of getting her rights terminated and my adoption once we know about the union.

All in all life is going pretty well for us right now. Now that I'm no longer under the influence of pregnancy horomones I'm feeling like a great mommy! My kids are happy, I'm happy, and it seems as if my husband is happy too.

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