Sunday, March 9, 2008

The many adventures of Casten Queen

What a day my son has had :) really wasn't all that exciting but still! He woke up in his usual whiney bad mood, but it quickly went away once he got his carnation instant breakfast (his cha-cha milk) it's almost impossible to get that kid to eat anything in the morning, so this has become our normal breakfast along usually with a bowl of cereal that he doesn't eat. Soon I got him dressed and he was off to church with Grandma to ride the bus (they park in a remote parking lot so that the kids get to ride the shuttle bus, the highlight of the morning) after Sunday school both he and Alyssa were able to go see the area they are expanding the children's ministry to and were able to color on the floor.
Once they got home I took him to Sam's and we had our mommy and son time. I love this time. He's a completely different kid when he's not around Alyssa. He loves his sister so much he tends to follow her but it's different when he has to entertain himself! We sat for a bit and shared a hot dog and he kept me entertained. After that we went to Target, where my sleepy son had no interest in walking next to me. I spent the majority of the trip saying "Casten come on....come by mommy!" He fell asleep in the short ride home. When I got him out of the car he was staggering like a poor old drunk!
After dinner came the exciting part. Of course my son didn't eat anything but that's kind of irrelevant. Anyway, they were taking a bath while I was in the other room (yes I'm a bad mommy that leaves her kids unattended in the bathtub for short periods of time) and Alyssa calls for me to see how Casten goes potty. My son is not potty trained so I had no idea what she was talking about. As I'm getting in the bathroom the toilet is flushing and Cas is climbing back into the tub. So I ask Lyssi what happened. Apparently my son went potty "like Daddy"!!! He stood in front of the potty, held his little pee-pee and went to the bathroom!!!! All by himself! This was the first time he's EVER done that!! I didn't think he understood the whole concept!
After his bath I gave him a tootsie roll for going potty on the toilet (big mistake as he was a bigger mess after that than he was before his bath!) and I asked him to show me what he did. So he goes over to the toilet, lifts the lid and spits in it (his new favorite thing to do...spit!) While doing this he spit his piece of candy into the toilet. Not wanting to lose out on any of the chocolatey goodness, he reaches in grabs the candy and puts it back in his mouth! YUCK!!!! It happened faster than I could react! However, he did show me how he stood infront of the toilet and held his pee-pee. I'm still in awe!
Other than that we all have a bit of a cold. Jay and Maizie seem to have it the worst of it! My poor little girl there is nothing we can really do for her, so I;m off to sit with her in a steamy bathroom!

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