Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clowns and candy....

Life is going pretty well this week :) We are doing the letter C for the week. A good letter to be focusing on because Lyssi already knows it because she can write Casten's name, that way we can kinda ease back into our structured days! Yesterday was math day. We started off playing with playdoh and making letters with it. Then we did some candy counting :) Lyssi did pretty well but it was hard to get Casten to NOT EAT the candy! hehe! We counted how many jelly beans we had, Lyssi had 15 and was able to count to 13 correctly. Casten had 10 but can only count to 5 on his own, but he did repeat after me :) I then gave them each a sheet of paper that had colored circles w/ the color of each jelly bean on it and had the kids put the jelly beans on the right color. Casten did an amazing he was able to do it with almost no guidance. He got a little confused when he had two of one color and thought only one jelly bean should be on each color! Then Lyssi and I worked a little on addition, it's definitely a work in progress! We then did an activity on the computer and called it a day :)
I took them both to the laundromat with me after Casten laid down for a nap (didn't take one...but laid down...) and they reminded me again why I don't take them! They have a bunch of fisher-price play things at the laundromat...a slide, picnic table, play kitchen, vacuum, and a play washer and dryer. We put the clothes in washers and then took a walk to the 7-11 down the strip and got slurpees (they were so excited about this because this is the only time they get slurpees) but the cherry wasn't working, the other options were coke, Amp (mountain dew w/ EXTRA caffeine) and a mocha coffe thing....UGH!!! So they got small coke ones and a bag of cracker jacks (their first experience w/ them!) then we walked back and the kids were CRAZY!!! They weren't listening to me at all and all over the place. I mean I know I had given them some caffeine and all, but they've have caffeine before and they don't act that way! UGH! I know that they were bored and Casten hadn't had a nap so I'm sure that all played into it!
Today we did a small activity. Casten isn't in a very good mood and I do more one on one w/ Lyssi during his nap. But w/ this being C week we are doing a circus/clown theme. So we painted clown faces and glued yarn hair on them! they did a great job! it's a really nice day here today, so are hopefully going outside after Cas's nap...but it's prety windy and the kids don't really like it when it's too windy, so it may not last long! i may actually DRIVE to the park :( lazy I know, but I don't want to do the .5 mile walk home w/ two kids that are freaking out because it's too windy....we'll see though!

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